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Based in Northern Ireland, Heartworks has been supporting the Christian retail trade for over ten years, providing bespoke inspirational Greeting Cards and gifts and stationery with a Christian message, and supporting Christian artists and photographers by making their work available on cards and in photographic products.

It is through selling these fast moving consumer items that many small Christian Bookshops and ministry orientated outlets survive, enabling them to continue as a witness on our high streets, and to be places where people can buy books and Bibles.

We specialise in Scripture texted greeting cards, producing a range of Cards that are often unavailable elsewhere. Please Log in and browse our product pages for more information.

Meet the team…

Timothy McEvoy
Area: Northern Ireland & Ireland
E-Mail: TJMcEvoy@aol.com
Mobile: 07990 597210

In the Office
Rev. Robert K McEvoy
E-Mail: BobMcEvoy@aol.com
Janette McEvoy